Monday, October 15, 2007

Leonard Emil Olson

My grandpa, the kid's Great-Grandpa passed away on October 1st. We wanted to go to the funeral but it was all the way up in Northern Minnesota and we had all just been sick so we didn't go. I was really sad that it didn't work out and that Grandpa never got to meet the kids.

I have such great memories of spending time with Grandpa in Warren Minnesota. He tried more than once to teach me to play cribbage but I just could never catch on to it. Bobbi and I used to walk on his back and he always had all of these gadgets to rub his feet! My Grandpa also loved honey! Every time I buy honey at the grocery store...I think of him.

I still can't believe he is gone. But he is in a better place now and he isn't in any pain and I'm sure he is happy!

This might sound crazy but I believe that Grandpa has been here in the last week to visit us. I walked into Mallory's room the other day and smelled cologne and ben gay! Then Steve smelled it downstairs in the guest room that I have dedicated to The Family Cabin. I heard from my Dad that Grandpa has been to see my Aunt Patti too....and he was wearing long johns tucked into dark socks. Grandpa always was a snappy dresser!

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