Sunday, May 26, 2013

Operation: Take Connie To Prom

My Senior year of high school was not my best year.  The summer before I had dated a real bad boy.  I broke up with him after I found myself involved in a high speed chase through a trailer park.  It scared the heck out of me and turned me off from dating for a while.

I spent my senior year working at Hillside Auto Supply and studying.   This is likely the only time in my high school career that I devoted so much time and energy to my school work.

My Senior Prom was coming up,  I hadn't been asked to go and I was completely fine with it.  I was paying for all of my own expenses now, because my Dad had been in a bad horseback riding accident and wasn't working.  I didn't want to spend my hard earned money on a silly dress that I wouldn't wear again.

A week before the dance, I got a phone call from Ken, a friend of my Mom that was an armored truck driver.  You know, the trucks that pick up money at businesses for banks.   There was a collaboration called Operation: Take Connie To Prom that I was unaware of.   The masterminds behind this plan were:  My Mom, My boss's wife (she also had her deposits picked up by Ken) and the entire office staff at my high school (also customers of Ken).

They all decided that poor little ole Connie should go to Prom and Ken should be the guy to take me even though....he was 27 years old and wore a toupée.

Yes.  That's right.  He wore a toupée

So I got a phone call from Ken saying that he was taking me to Prom, he already rented a tux and bought the tickets and made dinner reservations and ordered a corsage.  He wasn't going to take NO for an answer.


So, I went to Prom with Ken and his toupee in his powder blue El Camino with curtains in the window and my friends all laughed at me and asked me over and over how OLD my date was.


The only thing that saved my evening was the two Orange Wine Coolers that Ken gave me in the car.  This might be where my drinking problem started....THANKS MOM!

Ken called me the next day and asked if I wanted to go for a ride on his motorcycle.  I declined....all I could think about was his hair coming loose and smacking me in the face.  We didn't go out again.

Note: My apologizes to my parents who are just now learning of the high speed chase and the wine coolers.  Lucky for me, I'm too old to be grounded.   I've also changed my dates name to protect his identity.  The truth is...I can't remember his real name and Ken sounded good.  


  1. despite the wacky circumstances, you looked beautiful and totally rocked it in that camero!

  2. you were gorgeous and this is one of the best prom stories ever

  3. that is THE BEST prom story of all time.

  4. By far the worst/best prom story of all time.
    You win the prize.
    It's Hair Plugs for Men.

  5. Oh Connie...I knew from the title this was going to be good. :o) Poor, poor Ken. He was probably so excited to be going out with a hot, 18-year-old. I can just imagine how mortified you were. The saddest part is the sentiment behind it - everyone meant well, but sheesh. You'd have been better off taking your dad!

  6. Oh dear God.
    I really have no words.
    Other than you looked fantastic and he...did not....Oh.Dear God.

  7. loved it. Such a fun story and really, unless he was a total perv or ended up on America's Most Wanted, I'm thinking it was kinda nice of him? He had to feel a bit weird too I would think. As for the El Camino, I'm pretty sure I had a date pick me up in a ride almost like this one. :D

  8. Oh, Ken and that hair, yours and his!

  9. No way!! So crazy that your mom would be part of the plan to set you up with a 27 year old!
    Your hair is the best!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!