Friday, December 19, 2014

PTA Christmas Gifts

By now all of the Dennison PTA Chairs have received their Christmas gifts.  This is my second (and likely last) year as the PTA President so I wanted to give out something that was special.  I'm proud of the PTA logo that my husband made for me last year so I had an idea!

I made Christmas ornaments with our logo!  In my fantasy, these 27 people will put this ornament on their tree every year and have warm fuzzy feelings about how they have made a difference and done amazing things for Dennison.  Well...that's how I feel when I look at MY ornament.

I'm proud of what the parents at my school do for all of the kids.  Every single thing is done by a parent.  A parent that cares and gives their time.  The kids at Dennison are better because of our PTA. 

 Thank you to anyone and everyone that volunteers in any PTA.  Your commitment and time is appreciated.  

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