Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wrong Number Text

My Dad is a Pilot and Flight Instructor.  He teaches people to fly with their instruments in 10 days.  It's really quite amazing!  The other day he was in an airport in Texas when he saw this really cool LEGO airplane and he texted me and Keith a picture.

Dad has had his iPhone for almost a year now and he's getting pretty good at texting with it.  He even sent me a video once!

So I responded to the group text with a picture of a LEGO airplane kit that I had seen at Target just that morning.  Dad asked me if I bought it and I said I was waiting for Christmas.  That's when we realized that my Dad had sent the text to the wrong Keith.

Wow.  Be careful who you accidentally text from your address book in Ozark Alabama! I decided to defuse the situation with humor.  The offended party did not respond.  Turns out the guy is an old crotchety truck driver that my Dad helped get a job in Wyoming a million years ago. 

Let this be a lesson to you.  Clean out your address book!  Especially is you have random people with the same name as your loved ones.


  1. MOM, IS THAT YOU???

    Best comeback ever! You are a mess, girl...that's too funny!

  2. Jeez louise! Your dad actually helped that guy, and that's how he responds when he gets a text from your dad?! I'd hate to see how he responds when someone's been mean to him!

  3. Mom, is that you? Laughed so hard K just asked me if I was OK. Love it!

  4. Wow. That dude isn't very nice. And I love your come back.

  5. Of COURSE someone from Alabama texted something nasty! :/

  6. Wow cock roach?? What the heck? I have ended up as part of group texts by mistake before and yea it was annoying but come on people- be nice!


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