Thursday, September 6, 2007

Growing Like Weeds!

I took this picture yesterday. I am so pleased that Alex & Mallory seem to like each other. I try to take as many pictures of Alex being sweet to his sister as I can so that I can prove to him someday that he really did love this sister at one time! He was giving her kisses yesterday and he is really good about playing nicely with her. Once in a while, he tries to smash Sam into her face but it doesn't happen very often.

Both kids are about to need some new clothes. They are both outgrowing all of their summer clothes and it is starting to get cooler here. I love shopping sprees! It reminds me of school starting when I was a kid and I always loved getting new clothes! Maybe I will get them some school supplies too! School supplies for a 5 month old baby? Sure! School supplies never go out of style.

I came across a poem yesterday that took me back 25 years. My Grandpa Leonard used to recite this poem to us when we were kids! I will never forget it. There was another poem too and I searched and searched last night until I found it. I am going to post them in separate posts.....

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I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!