Monday, March 3, 2014

The Women Tell All: Besitos

Our favorite women are all here tonight.  And Juan.

But first....Sean, Catherine and Catherine's new bangs!  They loved watching themselves on TV and can't wait to show their kids.  Catherine talked about their wedding night and said the fireworks were quick.  Well heck yeah!  They were both virgins!  Oh dear a sting ray attached itself to Sean's man parts. That sucks.

Everyone agrees that Juan is hot and they didn't care what he was saying, they just wanted to hear him talk.  Renee said that she had lots to talk about with Juan but Alli says that she didn't have anything to talk about with him.

The ladies are complaining that he didn't ask them what their favorite color is.  I don't know what Keith's favorite color is.  Now Kelly is attacking Lauren because she was totally into him in the house and now she says that he didn't seem genuine.

Juan gave out a lot of kisses.  Kat said it was hard to watch the show because he talked about being fair but then kissed everyone.   Some say that he used his kid as an excuse.  Kat is also irritated that he called the Moms his special ones.

Sharlene is on the hot seat!  Chris says that she is the most intriguing contestant on the show.  She thinks too much and can't shut her brain off which means that Juan doesn't think at all. They did have a physical connection but couldn't piece the rest of it together.  She found him very curious.  She doesn't regret leaving.

Renee's turn in the hot seat!   She says that their connect was mainly because they both had kids.  Turns out Renee has a new love and she is very happy.

Now it's Andi and she is going to tell us ALL ABOUT the fantasy suite!  Chris wants to know what it was about Juan Pablo that she liked.  She loved spending time with him and she was falling in love but then...dun dun dun, the fateful night!  She says she had fun with him and then he talked all about himself  and his soccer and wan't grateful for the opportunity.  He told her that she had barely beaten out Renee. The most offensive thing was when he talked about his overnight date with Clare.  So she played dead faked sleep until the night was over.  Juan has no filter.   I think that Andi was just a placeholder and he was never really into her.  He seems to have had a better connection with some of the other girls. 

Juan Pablo is in the house!  Honesty sometimes seems rude.  When you are honest with someone it is going to hurt.  Cassandra is upset that he met Renee's son and then sent her home.  A lot of the women are upset that he favored the Moms over anyone else that left things at home.  They should all be pissed on Juan that Kelly got to bring her dog and no one else did.  

Kelly is bringing up the interview he did where he talked about gay people. She is very upset because she has two moms (or two dads).  He says that his words were taken out of context and he'd like to explain his comments to her off of camera because he loves the gay people. Another girl that I don't remember says that he needs to stop using English as a second language as a cop out.

The bloopers were funny.  Juan kept talking about his little package.  And then a montage of him's okay.  Kelly's dog took a shit in the pool and then Juan saw a rat and Nikki heard someone killing a cat.

None of the girls will say who they think Juan will picked.  Kelly is Team Nikki and a couple of others admit to being Team Clare.

Previews:  The girls questioning Juan, then crying in their rooms and Juan walking about a blue suit.


  1. I'm so anxious for the next one!!!!

  2. I don't think that he will end up with anybody, I think they will bail on him.


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