Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back in the Day

We were leaving the parking lot of a local BBQ joint on Saturday when we started talking about music. The night before, Keith and I had been looking at the list of songs that were popular in 1974 and many of the songs we remembered hearing for many years after.

We decided that back in the day, a song would be popular for a few years and there wasn't this constant pressure to produce new music.  We likely didn't get tired of songs for a few years because we didn't have easy ways to carry our music around with us.  We had to buy a record and play it at home, on a huge piece of equipment. ( By the way, record players are still available at Best Buy)  I joked that 2014 people tire of a song in a few weeks and to stay popular, an artist has to come up with fresh new music to keep people happy.  Our attention spans are short!

We moved on to television shows and remarked about how if The Love Boat came on and we weren't home, we missed that episode.  Until it came on again as a repeat.  We had lots of repeats back in the day because the networks only made so many shows.  We were happy with what was on and there was never any binge watching.  Keith did say that it seemed like every time he watched Charles in Charge is was the same episode.  He never got to see a new one.  Now in the mid 90's I do remember watching a marathon of My So-Called Life and thinking it was fantastic!

That bought us to books.  A good book takes time to research and figure out the details.  Back in the day, an author would release a book every couple years.  Now days, if you don't release a book (or sequel to a book) every couple months then people lose interest and move on.  Here is that attention span problem again.

Hey!  Remember when we would go places and do things and not have a photo to show for it?  If you wanted a photo you had to actually buy film for your camera and then take it somewhere to be developed.  I easily take 3-5 pictures a day and sometimes 3-5 videos of my cat.  The pictures all live on my phone/ipad/computer and facebook!

We are living at such a fast pace that the details are getting lost.  I have a DVR full of shows that I don't have time to watch, a iPad full of downloaded books that I don't have time to read.  I'm so busy with PTA and the kids school work that it just keeps adding to this out of control snowball that's growing bigger and rolling faster.  And I don't know how to stop it.

I know it's crazy to say......but sometimes I miss the good ole days.


  1. YES!!! Yes, yes, yes. I feel the exact same way. It's just TOO MUCH. I admit, I get overwhelmed pretty easily, but I think anyone would get overwhelmed by the amount of things we have assaulting our brains. I mean, jeez, when I was a little kid - we had one telephone attached to the wall in our kitchen and we had one TV (no cable) in our living room. Now everyone has TVs in multiple rooms, even 8-year-olds have cell phones, and if you're still reading books made from trees, you're considered old-fashioned. I don't think I like this much...

  2. Crazy to think of all of these new things and concepts and how our kids and grandkids will be oblivious to say getting up to turn the TV channel!


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