Monday, February 24, 2014

Something About Juan


Nikki's hometown is Kansas City and she's happy to be home from around the world.  Juan says that Nikki is very special and she says this day is make it or break it.   She's going to see how cowboy Juan is so she has challenged him to some BBQ eating.  He has never had spicy BBQ sauce before and says he'll get fat eating this all the time. Nikki is getting payback for Juan making her dance and puts him on a mechanical bull.  (I'm okay....I'm okay) I think it's possible that Juan hurt his juanita.  Nikki wants to tell Juan that she loves him.

Juan meets the parents and they are excited to see him. Nikki's family is very welcoming and makes a toast to new relationships.  Nikki tells her mom that this feels so natural and normal and that they have a physical and mental connection.  (Take that Sharlene)  Nikki's Dad talks with Juan and he tells him that he loves Nikki's honesty.  Juan says lots of nice things about making a family with Nikki.  Nikki tells her dad that she can't put her finger on it but there is something about Juan.  Nikki has a lot of love to give.  I think I love Nikki's parents.

On the front stoop (Juan...that means the porch) Nikki and Juan moan and groan but she doesn't tell him that she loves him. Maybe next week she says.


We're now in Atlanta with Andi and it looks like she got her roots touched up....she should have gotten the ends touched up.  Juan says they have a connection and Andi has a surprise for him. Andi wants to know how tough he is and takes him shooting.  Andi is an excellent shot and Juan thinks it's hot. Andi says if Juan doesn't hit the bullseye he can't meet her family. Oh crap.  He completely missed the target.  After 50 rounds, he finally hits the mark.

Andi (aka Pookie) is really panicked about Juan meeting her family.  Andi is still waiting to fall in love and her family could be the tipping point.  The fact that Andi was queen of the group dates seems to upset Andi's dad.  Andi's dad is worried and calls Juan a visitor.  Juan tells Andi's mom that he likes that she is beautiful, smart and quick minded.  What she really wants it to watch Juan dance. He wins over the mom by salsa dancing with her.  Andi's dad tells Juan that Camilla doesn't matter, the relationship with the girl matters.  Juan wants to know if his daughter would be accepted into the family.  I think we all know the answer.  Oh...he refuses to answer the question.  I guess we know why Andi is an attorney.  Andi's sister is a debbie downer and says she doesn't see it happening.  UGH.  This is the worst hometown date ever!  Can we leave now?  Pookie wants to sit and talk and Juan says it went well in a voice that is 6 octaves higher than normal.  Juan lies to her face and says this date was fun.  Juan can't wait to get the hell out of Atlanta!  Andi could be falling in love, but maybe not.  Being able to sit here and say that she is very very very close to being in love is huge.


We're in Renee's hometown or Sarasota. It's been 2 months since she's seen Ben.  They go to Ben's little league game and I'm in tears watching them reunite as she checks all of his teeth.  Juan asks him lots of questions about baseball and wishes him luck.  Juan would love to have a son!  Juan talks to Renee's mom and his body language is really closed off.  Renee's mom tells her she can love her pets but she has to be in love with a man.  Renee says she is IN LOVE with Juan.  Renee's family likes Juan and wants her to be happy.  Juan has a really hard time saying goodbye to Renee and she didn't tell him that she loves him.

Angry Squirrels and swarms of Bees.

I guess we're in Clare's hometown of Sacramento.  Clare can't wait to show him her world.  Juan can't wait to see why she is the way she is.  (read: Cray Cray)  Clare brought him to the park because that is where she and her dad used to feed ducks.  She talks about her dad and makes everyone sad.  Juan meets Clare's 5 sisters and mom.  Clare's sister can see how happy she is and asks how she's feeling about everything.  She says she's scared because she hasn't been in love since before her dad died.  Juan admits that at first the attraction was just physical. One of her other sisters thinks that Juan is like their dad.  Her oldest sister wants to know how she'd feel if he didn't pick her.  Shitty.  She'd feel shitty.  Oh...she doesn't give her blessing.  Who asked you Laura?  Laura is speaking for their mother and not letting her talk. At this point, I'm not sure she speaks english.  Clare is very upset and says she's not just doing this for the show. She just wants her family to be happy for her.  Laura accuses Clare of manipulating and disrespecting their mother. Now Laura doesn't want to be on camera.  This is starting to feel like an episode of COPS.  Juan wants to talk to Clare's mom and the heavy (Laura) sits down too.  Juan is trying to make Laura feel better about things and let's Juan talk to mama.  She talks spanish with him and he feels at home. Mama is very welcoming and understanding and would be happy to have Juan in the family.  More moaning as Juan leaves.  Clare would love to marry Juan.

Rose Ceremony

The gravity of this situation is weighing on Juan Pablo.  His heart is beating like crazy and he feels privileged to have four ladies in front of him, three of them with great families.  Ladies invited to paradise and his fantasy-suite:  Nikki, Clare and (dramatic pause for Chris Harrison to tell us this is the last rose tonight).....Andi.

Crap.  Renee is going home.  Juan is upset as he says goodbye. Renee is a class act.  She is thankful to Juan for showing her that there are good guys out there.  What a sweetheart.


  1. You liked Renee, didn't you? Why do you think they didn't click? I was really confused why he wouldn't kiss her b/c she had a son...that was weird.

    1. I did like Renee, but I could tell from the begging that he didn't quite feel the same way that Renee did. Logically, it would make perfect sense to be with her since they both have children and live in the same area. I just think his heart, was with someone else.

    2. Ahhh that sucks. For Renee, anyway. I agree with Stacie - he'll end up picking the crazy one!

  2. He'll pick the crazy one...they always do!

  3. can't wait to hear (from your blog) what happens tonight.... the show down with the fantasy suite... hmmm


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