Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I Wore: I Love Jackets

I'm having so much fun putting new outfits together!

I've added several new pieces to my wardrobe recently and I'm loving everything!  I can't wait to show you my new brown boots...but that will have to wait until next week.


Weather in Denver: 55 and Sunny
Black T-Shirt from Old Navy
Turquoise Vest from Lands End
Fav Jeans WHBM
Black Hat from Target
Necklace from Mexico
Mary Janes from Naturalizer


Weather in Denver:  59, Sunny and Windy
Plans: Watching Alex sing with his class
White V-Neck Shirt
Fav Jeans WHBM
Brown Clogs
Pearl Necklace (gift from MIL)

This outfit that I pinned on Pinterest is the inspiration for my next outfit.  I think it's my favorite new look for winter.


Weather: 34, Sunny and FREEZING COLD
Plans: Tumbling with Mallory and Girls Night Out
White V-Neck Tee
Grey Velvet Jeans with Bedazzled @ss WHBM (similar)
(new)Yellow Peacoat from Old Navy
*highlighted bedazzlement for Kablooey*


Weather in Denver: 60 degrees, Sunny and VERY windy
Plans: Play date at the park
Sleeveless Tank from Lands End
Black Cardigan
Necklace from Moon Over Maize

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  1. Very cute outfit. Those must be the best jeans ever. :)

  2. I've said it once and I'll say it again. I WANT BOOTS!
    Anyway. You have a perky butt! :) That's a good thing by the way.

  3. Well I see where your daughter got her style from. You look beautiful.

  4. That yellow jackets is TO. DIE. FOR!! Lurve it! :)

    Dont ya feel amazing when you get something new and it just looks adorable on?? :) TOTAL SCORE!

  5. That yellow jackets is TO. DIE. FOR!! Lurve it! :)

    Dont ya feel amazing when you get something new and it just looks adorable on?? :) TOTAL SCORE!

  6. Very, very cute outfits. Love.

  7. I have both a red and a green pea coat and I get more compliments on them - I am really loving the yellow one though......

    And is the MIlitary Jacket from Target blue or black?
    It is so cute with the cinched back!

    Will you come visit me and put together outfits for me??? I'l pay your way!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I love, LOVE the yellow coat!!!! You look beautiful in it!!!

  9. So cute - LOVE the military jacket, it is very flattering on you. The yellow peacoat rocks too - great color!

  10. Sass a Frass Missy!! too stinkin' cute!! I HAVE TO GO SHOPPING! my "what I'm wearing" consists of clorox stained pants, ankle socks and an old college shirt. Its best I remain indoors. You on the other hand are rockin' it!

  11. If I posted the outfits I wore all week, it would be5 pictures of the SAME OUTIFT.

    But I do have GREAT underwear.
    And I promise, I wear a different pair every single day.
    WIth a really nice pair on Friday nights :-)

  12. Looking Great! I am so impressed that you remembered to take all those photos!!!

  13. Three things-

    1. If Coathangr, the outfit posting app Dave and Jay made a couple of years ago were still around, I would totally be following you on it! Love these posts.

    2. I absolutely love that military jacket. I'm going to go buy it now.

    3. Every year I tell myself I'm going to buy that yellow coat, and every year I wait too long (for the good sale) and they sell out in my size. It looks so great on you, I might just pay full price next year.

  14. so coveting that yellow jacket. :0 Lookin' fabulous.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!